European Wax Center (EWC) is part of a national franchise in the health and wellness industry. One of its owners, with twelve stores all located within close proximity to each other across the greater Chicagoland area, was looking to fulfill the constant need to pipeline applicants again as their stores began to re-open after the initial covid lockdown.

Looking for a More Diverse Talent Pool

EWC is no stranger to recruiting on a rolling basis. For each location, they consistently pipeline for non-management talent while at the same time, on a larger scale advertise for various management roles that could blanket several locations.

“Often you get the same people over and over again,” said Annie Blackie, Human Resources Coordinator at EWC. “We do like to diversify our spaces of where we’re getting candidates.”

After a huge dip in the numbers of candidates during the months of March and April, EWC’s stores began to re-open and filling a variety of recurring job titles over all their locations became urgent once again.

That’s when EWC received a call from Kylie Walrath, Account Manager at, who noticed they use Hireology, an ATS with which is fully integrated. The exploratory call turned into a month-long test campaign in July, which is now still on-going!

Multi-Location Recruiting

Multi-Location Recruiting


Easy Integration, New Candidate Sourcing & Quick Campaign Adjustments

This was the first time that Wax Center partnered with a platform already integrated with their ATS Hireology. For other partners “we have to manually take the applicants from those sites and put them into Hireology,” said Blackie. With, they could skip that step and see all their results directly in the tools they know and love. “That made it really easy to make everything streamlined,” added Blackie.

Integration with Hireology

Integration with Hireology


The teams worked together on a recurring budget to pace over each month. The set up mostly took place between and Hireology, a recruitment CRM that empowers multi-location, decentralized enterprises and independently owned businesses to easily build the teams they need. Within a few days of notifying Hireology of the sponsored campaign interest from EWC, EWC could automatically distribute their jobs to’s 75+ million unique monthly visitors, track their ROI and see their candidate profiles arrive directly to their system.

Taking advantage of the broad reach of’s partner network and diverse ways to engage new talent through direct messaging, EWC enjoyed the fresh and vast visibility of their jobs. The teams also worked with’s recognized flexible spending model including job-level bidding, utilizing a three-tiered approach to bids to prioritize budget allocation across requirements. From high focus, to standard to low priority bids, Walrath and Client Success Analyst Aaron O’Dell at worked to use every cent of the monthly budget for maximum optimization.

How Candidates Find Your Jobs

How Candidates Find Your Jobs


Frequent communication between the teams also helped the campaigns adjust to every ebb and flow in recruitment needs from EWC.

“Having that customer service aspect is really huge,” said Blackie. “And the fact that we get to modify things as we need them,” she added.

With Walrath and O’Dell routinely monitoring the total spend per requisition, they were quickly able to make regular adjustments to bids based on performance and the changing needs of EWC. For example, in August when a Guest Service Associate role for the Skokie, IL location became priority, the team increased focus on that requisition by lowering bids on other similar roles in the market. This helped drive and keep EWC’s advertising dollars allocated towards filling that more urgent position.

Increased and Diversified Applicant Funnel

By benefiting from’s diversified traffic and seamless job integration through Hireology, in just two months (July through August) EWC was able to increase their applicant funnel by nearly 120 unique candidates, who were engaged with outside of EWC’s usual recruitment channels.

Always looking for the benefits of a fruitful, long-term partnership, and to “convert applicants into candidates and into hires,” said Blackie, the partnership between EWC and continues to grow and develop. September saw the beginning of a trial run with the “Apply With Talent” feature, enabling EWC to test out a new and exciting apply path that benefits candidates and employer alike.

The true success of this partnership has been the fact that EWC was able to seamlessly integrate their ATS with’s job platform and attract a new candidate base. With very little manual effort on their side, EWC reduced a dependence on manual set up and tasks and took an important step towards automatizing their recruiting processes by easily synchronizing different platforms like and Hireology. A one-stop shop for all their posting, tracking and hiring needs through one integration has changed the speed and quality of EWC’s recruiting!

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