Empower the Women in Your Ranks

International Women’s Day is a great time to celebrate the women in your workforce and inspire a push for more diversity overall. Hiring, appreciating and empowering women in your company is just all around good for business.

Equal Opportunities for All

Beginning with recruitment, it’s important to give equal opportunities to all during the selection process and this approach should continue into and throughout the ethos of your company. Supporting women and giving them the same chances to grow within your organization translates into more innovative thinking.

The more your workforce reflects your client base, the deeper your pool of ideas and perspectives becomes. This new boost of creative thinking will surely have a positive impact on productivity in no time. Plus, the more you hire and promote women in your ranks, and strengthen your diversity policies, the more attractive your company will become to future talent.

Step Up Your Game

Is your company prepared to go beyond traditional demographics? Do you think you could reach 50% parity in leadership roles by 2030? Here are some ideas to help you get ready to face this challenge:

  1. Include women’s voices in making important business decisions by bolstering their confidence at work and encouraging them to speak and share their thoughts during meetings.
  2. Be understanding of various circumstances and make a balanced work life more accessible.
  3. Implement programs that promote flexibility such as accommodating hours, an office daycare and/or the ability to work from home when the need presents itself.
  4. Create channels of communication, such as committees, where groups can discuss solutions to workplace related or personal issues.

Be the Change

At talent.com we are proud to say that more than 40% of our employees are women and more than 30% of our managerial positions are held by women. Celebrating their values, their personal identities and understanding that women can transform the world is the real change. Make your company a more diverse place and always remember that all of your employees can be exceptional leaders and dream big. Happy International Women’s Day!

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