You’ve probably seen them pop up in the lower right corner of websites, kindly offering you their services. That’s right, we’re talking about chatbots. Using AI and natural language processing techniques, these friendly bots have taken the internet by storm and are now commonplace on Fortune 500 websites. In this article, we’re taking a look at what chatbots can do for your hiring needs specifically.

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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation and chats with users. Chatbots are tools designed to engage users, guide them through a website or get in touch with a real person. They essentially help push users down a company's funnel to see them perform a desired action. Over time, chatbots become experienced and optimize their automated answers. Chatbots have entered a wide variety of industries, including recruitment.

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What is a recruitment chatbot?

A recruitment chatbot is a virtual assistant that guides visitors and job seekers through a company’s application process. It pre-screens candidates, answers commonly asked questions and schedules interviews, among other things.

Where are chatbots found?

Chatbots interact with users on computers and mobile devices. They can be seamlessly integrated into:

  • Career sites
  • Messaging apps
  • Social media platforms
  • Text messages (SMS)

What can chatbots do for recruiters?


Recruitment chatbots answer candidates’ questions, for example about a company’s current open positions or benefits packages. Having some questions already answered frees up precious interview time which can now be spent further discussing the role itself.

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Recruitment chatbots gather data from candidates such as name, email address, location, education level, certifications, work permit and driving status. This enables recruiters to filter candidates ahead of interviews.

24/7 availability

Recruitment chatbots do not sleep. They are available at all hours of the day to interact with users, which can be very useful, especially if you are hiring overseas.

Automatic scheduling

Say goodbye to manual scheduling. Recruitment chatbots can schedule appointments and interviews with qualified leads for you.

Why use a chatbot for recruitment?

It saves time

Having a chatbot respond to questions, perform pre-screening and scheduling tasks on your behalf saves you time.

It improves candidate experience

People are often frustrated or disappointed when they don’t hear back from employers after applying. Luckily, the chatbot keeps them in the loop and gives updates on their application status.

It helps you reach passive candidates

Passive candidates might not take the time or the initiative to upload a resume or cover letter, but they could respond to a couple of questions from a friendly chatbot.

It keeps the talent pool alive

After a successful hire, the chatbot can keep in touch with qualified leads who didn’t end up making the cut, for example by sending them similar new job openings.

What to keep in mind?

Once you have a recruitment chatbot, here’s how to ensure its success:

1. Brand it

Your chatbot is an extension of your brand. Make sure its tone and aesthetics are aligned with your company guidelines, values and goals.

2. Personalize it

The main strength of chatbots is how conversational they are, so don't be afraid to be more creative than in your other channels as the chatbot has the power to be more engaging and more memorable with a unique personality.

chatbots can take many forms


3. Update it

The chatbot learns by itself with time and improves its answers, but you must also update it with new information (such as the Covid restrictions your organization currently enforces).


Chatbots won’t change the world, but they can change how job seekers interact with you online, enticing them to come back to your career page or helping them complete an application. All in all, chatbots and other AI-powered programs can free you of your most repetitive tasks so you can focus on activities requiring a human touch, such as building meaningful relationships with candidates.

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